About Us

We are Lamp manufacturer

Aochelamps is a China-based B2B manufacturing company specializing in high-quality floor and table lamps. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with affordable yet premium products without compromising on quality. With recognition from international organizations such as CE, CB, and BSCI, we export to Europe, South America, and Asia. Our tailor-made solutions prioritize quality control and timely delivery, making us a reliable and preferred supplier for clients.

Our Team

Our team at Aochelamps is a group of skilled professionals who are dedicated to providing high-quality lamps and exceptional service to our clients.


Our in-house design team at Aochelamps works with professional European designers to create lamps that follow the latest European design trends, ensuring our products are both stylish and in-demand.

Metal Workshop

Our metal workshop at Aochelamps produces custom metal components and provides painting services in-house, enabling us to meet our client's unique specifications.

Injection workshop

Our Injection workshop ensures strict quality control, producing high-quality plastic components in-house for our lamps with state-of-the-art machinery and skilled professionals.


Our workshop is a flexible production facility that can accommodate various production schedules to meet our clients' demands.

Material Storage

Our raw material warehouse at Aochelamps is stocked with a vast inventory of components, enabling us to fulfill our clients' demands for timely delivery of high-quality lamps.

Aging Test

Our aging test ensures that our products meet high quality standards by subjecting them to rigorous testing for an extended period of time. This helps to identify any potential defects or issues and ensures that our products are reliable and durable for our customers.

Testing Lab

Our testing laboratory at Aochelamps is equipped with advanced technology and staffed with experienced professionals who ensure that our lamps meet the highest standards of quality and safety.

Product Warehouse

Our finished goods warehouse at Aochelamps is stocked with high-quality lamps that are ready for timely delivery to our clients worldwide.

Why Work With Us?

Source Factory

one-stop solutions,no intermediaries

Your Trusted Partner

Certified with BSCI, CE, ROHS, ERP, allowing smooth export to European.

100% Guarantee

All the products have QC and 2-years warranty


Attempting more styles at lower cost.


Yes, our minimum order requirement is typically 200 pieces per item.

We accept bank TT and LC payments.

Our lead time for production is typically 20-45 days. It depends on the difficulty of production


Yes, we offer product customization services for large orders.

Yes, we provide product samples at a cost that can be refunded with a subsequent order.

Yes, we have CE, RoHS, CB,ERP and other certifications for our products.

We offer a 2-year warranty for all of our products.

Yes, we offer to package customization services for large orders.

We have a strict quality control system in place and offer pre-shipment inspections for all orders.

Simply contact us with your order details and we will guide you through the ordering process.

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